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NEWS Last modified on September 8, 2014

Copenhagen Airport to open a business hub in Terminal 3

Copenhagen Airport is aiming to strengthen its position as a business destination by opening a Regus Express hub pre-security in Terminal 3.

The project will be complete with a business centre with drop-in offices, meeting rooms and lounge, and be built by the end of the year, and provide a place for mobile workers to meet and work, and enable arriving long-haul passengers to shower and grab breakfast before heading off to meetings.

Facilities will include open-plan and private work areas, meeting spaces, office support, showers and refreshments.

Copenhagen Airport is seen as a strong business destination as the gateway of Northern Europe with more than 24 million passengers a year.

Airport CEO, Thomas Woldbye, explains: “The opening of a Regus drop-in-business centre is in line with our World Class Hub Strategy to attract commercial development and further develop our hub as a business destination.


“The Regus centre will be amplifying already existing products such as meeting room facilities as well as adding innovative and new offers and services primarily to our business travellers.”

Time spent at the airport will become more productive for business travellers, explains Phil Kemp, global managing director of Regus Third Place: "Regus Express will turn Copenhagen Airport into a convenient place to work on the go.

“We expect the facilities to appeal strongly to business and frequent travellers – whether they want to work on a deal or presentation, or finish a last-minute work task before heading off on holiday.”

Regus offers similar airport facilities at Heathrow and deals have been signed with Gatwick and Birmingham airports, while it also has centres at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Brussels Airport.

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