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NEWS Last modified on September 8, 2014

ACI Europe reports 4.6% traffic rise in July

ACI Europe has reported that passenger traffic at European gateways rose by 4.6% in July, compared with the same month in 2013.

The airport trade body revealed the figures in its monthly Airport Traffic Report that included 197 airports in total that represented approximately more than 88% of traffic.

Growth at airports in the EU reported a robust result of 4% year-on-year, but passenger traffic at non-EU airports in Europe (including Iceland, Israel, Norway, Russia, Switzerland & Turkey), soared by a 6.3% over the same period.

Meanwhile, freight traffic reported soft growth of 3%, a dip from higher growth in previous months, while growth in aircraft movements was 2.6% points to a steady increase in airline seat capacity.

Airports reporting the highest increases in traffic included Moscow Domodedovo Airport with 13.7%, Athens International Airport 22.5%, Brussels Airport 14.8%, and Lanzarote Airport 14.8%.

Olivier Jankovec, director general, ACI Europe,comments: “Air traffic has kept outperforming economic growth in Europe in July, notably in the EU - that said there are significant divergences between national markets.

“While Mediterranean countries have generally registered solid growth in passenger traffic along with Romania, Hungary, Ireland and the UK, the performance of other countries including France, Germany, Poland and Finland have been disappointing.

“Traffic continues to grow very dynamically in non-EU markets, although at a slower pace due to worsening geo-political tensions in Ukraine, Russia and Israel.”

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