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NEWS Last modified on September 10, 2014

Traffic booming at Vilnius Airport in Lithuania

Vilnius Airport in Lithuania has welcomed its two millionth passenger in 2014, as it continues to break traffic records.

Jana Hamranova from Slovakia, who flew to Vilnius on Lufthansa yesterday, came on a business trip from Vienna via Frankfurt and explained that she visits Vilnius couple times per year.

Right after disembarking the aircraft she was met by Vilnius Airport director Artūras Stankevičius, who presented her with an airport privilege card and flowers.

“I am delighted that each year we are celebrating the 2-millionth passenger earlier,” Stankevičius explains, and adds: “Achievement of this milestone reflects our huge efforts and effective co-operation with all partners to make Vilnius Airport convenient for passengers.”

Vilnius Airport reached a new all-time best traffic activity record for August 2014 when more than 301,000 passengers travelled through the principle gateways in Lithuania.

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