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NEWS Last modified on September 11, 2014

AIRMALL renovates Terminal E food court at Boston Logan

AIRMALL has carried out a series of renovations to the Terminal E food court at Boston Logan International Airport.

The concessions developer says this includes numerous cosmetic updates to the food court, along with the installation of a new "Living Wall”, and improvements follow a $3.7 million investment in the construction of new retail units in Terminal B this spring.

The new units, which include seven new shops and eateries, added 5,000 square feet of concessions space to the terminal.

Michael Caro, vice president of AIRMALL Boston, explains: “Part of AIRMALL's commitment to the airports that we serve is our on-going investment in the concessions programme.

“This investment not only includes bringing new and exciting local and national brands to the airport, but also refreshing and refurbishing existing units to keep them renewed and updated.

"We've seen our investment come to fruition with the exciting openings of several new units earlier this year.


“Now, we're pleased to announce these recent renovations to the Terminal E food court and think that travelers will enjoy relaxing in this inviting space with a meal or snack before their flight."

Renovations to the food court include the installation of new chairs, new tabletops, a new wall panelling system, and paint, and AIRMALL has also added four 5-foot-high "Living Walls" that hold potted plants to symbolize life inside of the airport.

The Living Walls, installed by Cityscapes, will help provide natural air filtration, help remove VOC's and other harmful toxins from the air, and provide sound insulation and acoustical separation.

Additionally, the walls are designed to help reduce travellers' stress and create ambiance to produce a pleasing and productive environment.

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