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NEWS Last modified on September 16, 2014

SSP to open new outlets at Shanghai Pudong

F&B operator SSP has agreed a contract to run two new outlets at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

This will see the opening of two successful Asian brands – Hong Kong-style roast Tai Hing, and Café Deco, an airport outlet of the famous Hong Kong restaurant.

The new Tai Hing outlet will be the second at the gateway, and will build on the success of the brand at Terminal 2, which was created in the late 80s, and is now one of the largest Hong Kong-style chain restaurants in the city, and popular across the Asian region.

Renowned Victoria Peak restaurant Café Deco is also a well-established feature at the airport’s Terminal 2, but the different passenger demographic and dwell-time at this domestic terminal will mean the menu will have a more Asian focus and it will be designed in contemporary café styling.

Li Yang, managing director of SSP China, explains: “The success of our recent initiatives working in partnership with Shanghai Pudong during the rebranding of its Terminal 2 demonstrated our operational skills and business capabilities.

“It is these skills and capabilities that have been key factors in helping us to secure this important new win. In addition, the client was impressed by the brands we were able to offer, and the strength of our commercial proposition.”

Both outlets are located in Terminal 1, and are well situated adjacent to a new retail area just after security in the domestic airside precinct, each spanning 230 square metres, and are scheduled to open in January 2015.

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