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NEWS Last modified on September 17, 2014

August traffic down 2.3% at Warsaw Chopin

Warsaw Chopin Airport has reported it handled more than 1.1 million passengers in August 2014, which was a  2.3% drop year-on-year, but was still the second busiest August ever in the airport's history.

With 1,137,100 travellers handled, the gateways says there are reasons for optimism as the figure is only 2.3% short of the airport’s all-time high, despite the fact that Ryanair, which generated more than 10% of passenger traffic, no longer flies from Warsaw.
Warsaw Chopin explains that this means that "other airlines operating in Warsaw have significantly improved their performance".
In total, Warsaw Chopin Airport has handled nearly 7.1 million passengers since the beginning of the year, including more than 6.3 million on international flights (down 5.2%) and 807,500 domestically (up 9.7%).

The number of aircraft movements fell by 3.1% in August and totalled 13,100.

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