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NEWS Last modified on September 18, 2014

China plans new Dalian airport on reclaimed land

Plans have been revealed to build an airport off the coast of Dalian, in northeast China, as part of a 26.5 billion yuan ($4.3 billion) development project.

Dalian International Airport would be built on a 20.9 square km (8.07 square mile) artificial island, which will be created off the coast of China using reclamation land.

It will join other gateways built offshore, such as Japan's Nagasaki Airport, New York La Guardia Airport, which is built of steel piles into the seabed offshore, and Japan's Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

Dalian officials explain on their website: “Because of the rapid growth of passenger throughput, Dalian's existing Zhoushuizi International Airport has been overloaded, after three transformations, transport capacity will reach saturation at about 2016.

“Dalian airport building plots can be very limited, because there is very little land in Dalian, where the airport can be built very scarce. Since 2002, the Dalian municipal government on the organization of both military and civilian experts to carry out a site work.

“Experts repeatedly argued by the parties and the ratio of long-term election, the conclusion is no longer large civil airport land sites within 100 km from the main city limits of optional, Golden State Bay Maritime basically have the ideal conditions for the construction of the new airport, is currently the only equipment selected sites.”

Dalian reclamation projects, including the construction of the new airport and airport construction project will be completed in two phases the airport says, while local reports, claim the new gateway will have four runways, and it would become one of the world's biggest airports to be created through landfill.

Zhoushuizi International Airport, which is China’s 17th busiest is set to outgrow its design capacity within five years, and in 2013, it handled more than 14 million passengers, up 5.6% from 2012.

China's airports in total handled more than 754 million passengers last year, up 11% compared to 2012, and China is developing its airport infrastructure and is aiming to bring the total number of gateways to more than 220 by the end of 2015.

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