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NEWS Last modified on September 18, 2014

Washington Airports Authority makes new key appointment

The board of directors of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority have approved the selection of Jerome L. Davis as the authority’s executive vice president and chief revenue officer.

The authority says the newly created position recognizes the strategic objective to keep costs low for airlines and travellers by maximizing potential revenue from other sources.

As the first executive to hold this new leadership position, Davis will be responsible for formulating the business development plans and implementing processes to support additional revenue growth, particularly focused around Washington Dulles International Airport.

Reporting directly to the president and CEO, Davis will also drive integration and alignment between the authority’s existing concessions, communications, real estate and air service planning and development offices.

Davis brings extensive sales and marketing experience in leading large, complex growth oriented organizations, and says he is looking forward to working with the company's dedicated employees and bringing experience and leadership on the revenue front, as the authority "creates its future and looks to meet the needs" of the more than 40mppa it serves each year.

The establishment of an Office of Revenue, led by an executive vice president and chief revenue officer, was approved by the authority’s board of directors in March 2014, and one of several organizational changes to better align its structure with its business strategy.

Jack Potter, president and CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, explains: “Jerome Davis brings world-class management experience at well-known corporations with him to the airports authority.

“I look forward to his contributions, particularly in helping us identify and implement innovations and best practices to benefit our customers - the travelling public.

“His understanding of consumer insights and customer satisfaction with leading brands will be a great asset for the authority.”

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