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NEWS Last modified on September 22, 2014

Nuance president and CEO to step down

Nuance’s president and CEO, Roberto Graziani, is to step down from his current position after leading the global travel retailer for the past 10 years.

His decision follows Nuance’s acquisition by Dufry earlier this year.

Graziani will continue to support the company until the year end, ensuring a smooth transition and integration.

He comments: “It has been a great honour for me to lead this company for the past 10 years, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my executive team and all Nuance employees, as well as our airport and brand partners, for their tremendous support and commitment during that remarkable journey.

“I am very proud of all the great things we were able to achieve together. Whatever my professional future will reserve for me, Nuance will always be at the heart of my journey.”

Dufry CEO, Julián Díaz, is certainly in no doubt about the key role Graziani has played in developing the Nuance Group.

He says: “I would like to thank Roberto for his outstanding leadership and achievements during his tenure. He and his team transformed Nuance and created a global organisation that is recognised unanimously in our industry.

“It is our responsibility to now continue to build on his remarkable legacy.”

Graziani was appointed as president and CEO of Nuance in 2004, after the company was acquired by GECOS and Stefanel, following the grounding of Swissair.

Prior to this, he spent more than a decade at Nuance’s parent company, GECOS/Gruppo PAM, where as CFO he led the successful acquisition of Nuance in 2002. 

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