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NEWS Last modified on September 23, 2014

Work starts on terminal expansion project at Riga International Airport

Construction work has started on the expansion of the Northern Terminal at Riga International Airport in Latvia.

The airport is expanding the area for handling non-Schengen passengers and adding four boarding gates in a bid to raise its capacity, improve efficiency and boost customer service levels.

According to the gateway, the extra capacity is desperately needed as 4.7 million passengers passed through its facilities in 2013 despite them only being designed to accommodate 3.5mppa.

The upgrade will allow Latvia’s capital city gateway to handle bigger aircraft than today.

Arhis Arhitekti Ltd is spearheading the project with construction work being carried out by Skonto Būve Ltd under the supervision of Būvalts PMG.

“We currently handle 4.7 million passengers per annum and with this figure expected to increase in the future, it is necessary to expand the airport in order to provide improved services to our airlines and more favourable conditions and better quality services to passengers,” says an airport statement.

It goes on: “The project will also increase the competitiveness of Riga International Airport by helping us attract new airlines and persuading our existing ones to develop their route networks to ensure that we remain the leading airport in the Baltic region.”

Forecasts predict that the airport will break the 5mppa barrier in the next three years.

The project is being 100% financed by the airport through its operating profits and credit funds raised by the Pohjola Bank.

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