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NEWS Last modified on September 26, 2014

Virtual reality passenger assistant hired at Miami

Miami International Airport’s South Terminal has a new virtual reality passenger assistant who gives travellers helpful information about the 60 shops, restaurants and services.

This new super employee, Leticia, works seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and is powered by high-definition projection imaging and surround sound to help passengers find their favourite pre-flight meal or last-minute gift item, in either English or Spanish.

In partnership with the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, MIA concessionaires “hired” her as part of a pilot programme at two entrances to South Terminal, and may assign her to additional locations in the future.

The airport is the latest in a growing number of airports employing virtual assistants, with Leticia being one of the first to target shopping and dining customers.

Miami-Dade Aviation Department director, Emilio T. González, explains: “We are proud to partner with our concessionaires to introduce a new, innovative way to engage with our customers and provide them with an enhanced travel experience.

“Our new virtual assistant is helping passengers make the most of their time at MIA in a fun, interactive and entertaining way. This is the first of many technology-driven services we will be launching at MIA before the winter travel season begins."


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