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NEWS Last modified on September 29, 2014

High-tech Panther firefighting vehicles in operation at Tom Jobim

Rio Galeão has put into operation four high-tech Panther firefighting vehicles at Rio de Janeiro’s Tom Jobim International Airport.

The "supercaminhões" are 6x6 vehicles and considered the most modern in the world, and the operator says they will assist in emergency calls in a “fast and effective way”.

The equipment is part of an investment of R$10 million (€3.2 million) by the concessionaire, and developed to fight fires in airfields and capable of supporting operations in unpaved terrain.

Each relies on thermal cameras and an infrared sensor, which allows visualization of the major incident, even at a room completely overcome by smoke.

Alessandro Oliveira, manager of emergency response at Rio Galeão, explains: “In undertaking to operate the Tom Jobim, prioritize improvements in infrastructure and security to provide a more adequate for the number of passengers at the airport that circulate daily environment.

“The trucks are part of this change, which brings us closer to achieving our goals by 2016.”


The Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles weigh about 20 tonnes, carry 11,356 litres of water, has tank LGE foam generator with capacity of 1,514 litres and a dry chemical system.

The "supercaminhões" will be manned with a driver and three fighters who take turns in shifts 24 hours a day.

Are equipped with air conditioning, radio communicators, sirens, alarms and four water cannons on the roof and bumper, and hoses measure 50 metres and the water jet reaches up to 75 metres away.

The vehicle goes from zero to 80 km an hour in 35 seconds, reaching up to 113 km an hour, allowing it to reach an emergency site in a maximum of three minutes.

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