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NEWS Last modified on September 30, 2014

Keflavik charges CA+ with boosting non-aeronautical revenues

Keflavik International Airport has selected the Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) solution as it looks to control, manage and boost non-aeronautical revenues at the gateway.

The Iceland airport will be starting a pilot project with three shops in the next few weeks, which it is hoping to deploy to all concessions sometime early in 2015.

The CA+ project implementation at Keflavik coincides with the airport’s increasing international passenger numbers and the many changes taking place in retail and F&B outlets.

All contracts are up for renewal by the end of 2014 and it is part of a plan to focus on further improving the performance of this sector of revenues.

By using CA+, Keflavik is aiming to automatically collect transactional level sales data in real time using CA+ Capture, a thin-client software installed on concessionaires’ points-of-sale which automatically collects the sales with no intervention, or by allowing submission by concessionaires through the CA+ Interface using web services or the CA+ Portal.

The CA+ solution automates the collection of sales data from concessions, enables analysis of sales patterns and the delivery of business intelligence through its BI platform, manages tenant agreements, and automates the revenue/billing process of concessions.


Full implementation would involve bringing all concessionaires and revenue sources including retail, F&B, car parking, advertising and property leasing on board, and including additional contract management, revenue calculation and billing modules to be able to holistically manage the entire non-aeronautical sector.

Concessionaires will also be given limited access to the BI portal so that they too will be able to analyse their own sales in comparison to airport statistics such as passenger numbers and the benchmark for particular concession categories.

Hlynur Sigurdsson, terminal director at Keflavik Airport, explains: “We believe that the implementation of CA+ at Keflavik can provide a significant advantage to our terminal. It will support our commercial teams who continuously strive to improve the customer service and the performance of concessionaires.

“CA+ will automate data collection and billing, currently very time consuming tasks. It will provide us with the tools to analyse sales and revenue patterns, and improve decision-making based on real time insight.”

John de Giorgio, CEO of CA+, adds the company is excited to work on the project at a “unique and fast growing airport with an outstanding reputation for excellent service quality”.

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