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NEWS Last modified on September 30, 2014

ADP wins contract to design the new Beijing airport

Aéroports de Paris Group says it is “consolidating its international position” after its subsidiary ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) won a major architectural competition in China to design the new Beijing airport.

ADPI has beaten off international competition to design Terminal 1 at the new Daxing Beijing International Airport, scheduled for completion at the end of 2018, and has been declared the winner in the contest run by the Beijing New Airport Construction Headquarters (BNAH).

Launched in July 2011, the competition for the design of Terminal 1, saw BNAH carry out a long and rigorous selection process, and proposals were shortlisted for the project from prestigious architectural and engineering firms around the world.

Located at Daxing, south of Beijing (60 km from Tiananmen Square), the new Beijing International Airport will eventually boast seven runways and handle more than 100 million passengers pass through it annually, making it one of the largest airports in the world.

The gateway will be built in an area encompassing 700,000 square metres and will have a five kilometre long façade, and Terminal 1 will have an annual capacity of 45 million passengers, extendable to 72 million passengers and feature 82 aircraft contact stands.

China plans to spend around $14 billion to build the new airport on the outskirts of the city to relieve congestion at its main gateway, Beijing Capital Airport, already the world's second-busiest.

Last year it handled 83.7 million passengers and its capacity is stretched, while as many as 142 million passengers a year are expected to travel via Beijing by 2020, according to a report by China's Ministry of Environmental Protection.

sabihaIstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport

ADP also further boosted its global presence after the signing of a share purchase agreement by its partner TAV Airports for the acquisition of a strategic stake in the share capital of Istanbul's second airport, Sabiha Gökçen.

ADP owns 38% of TAV Airports and the Turkish operator acquired 40% of shares in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, on September 15, which is another international milestone for the French airport operator.

The French airport operator says its partner TAV Airports has made a “major strategic acquisition’ which strengthens its presence in Istanbul beyond the end of the current concession of Istanbul Atatürk Airport in January 2021 and will benefit from the dynamism of Istanbul's air traffic until 2030.

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