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NEWS Last modified on October 1, 2014

Denver to add new duty free stores next summer

Denver International Airport will add a new duty free retailer on A and B Concourses, as well as a specialist retail outlet on the C Concourse next summer.

Denver Duty Free will be operated by a joint venture between Dufry North America, Odd Tale Books and Wystone’s World Teas Holdings.

Odd Tale Books and Wystone’s World Teas Holdings are both certified under the federal airport concessions disadvantaged business enterprise programme, which ensures fair competition for women and minority-owned businesses in airport concessions.

The contract calls for Denver Duty Free to develop, operate and manage the new Dufry branded duty free locations, offering a variety of luxury items that include fashion accessories, cosmetics, perfumes and more.

The award includes a 2,315 square foot Dufry shop in the centre of Concourse A, a 2,328 square foot Dufry shop on the mezzanine level of Concourse B, and a 1,390 square foot specialty retail shop called Mile High Glamour in the centre of Concourse C.

Mile High Glamour will initially be duty-paid, but could become a third duty free location later on.


The agreement will expand the amount of square footage dedicated to duty free shopping on all three concourses, from about 1,056 square feet, to about 6,000 square feet upon completion.

The stores, which are set to open next summer, are expected to generate a combined $7.6 million in annual gross revenues and create 37 full-time and part-time jobs.

Airport CEO, Kim Day, explains: “The number of passengers on international flights at Denver International Airport has grown by about 20% so far this year, and those travellers are looking for different retail opportunities than our typical domestic traveller.

“This new duty-free/duty-paid retailer will provide our international passengers with the experience they expect, while also expanding the opportunities for our domestic travellers.”

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