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NEWS Last modified on October 1, 2014

KLM launches route planner airport app at Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's transferring KLM passengers are now being offered a route planner app marking the first time an airline has used beacon technology to provide an indoor airport navigation service for customers.

On arrival travellers can connect to the gateway's free Wi-Fi service, and upon passing one of the navigation beacons, passengers with the KLM smartphone app receive a notification asking if they would like assistance in finding their next gate.

The app then displays the route that they need to take, together with the estimated time it will take them to walk to their gate, with the distance and time required updated each time the passenger passes another beacon.

The indoor navigation service also works for those passengers whose flight is departing from a different level of the airport.


Martijn van der Zee, senior vice president of e-commerce at Air France-KLM, explains: “Customer feedback, especially on social media, has told us that passengers, even experienced travellers, often worry about transferring to another flight.

“67% of our passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are transfer passengers, and with this new service, KLM aims to improve customers’ travel experience.”

KLM has been installing beacons at gates and lounges, and along the hallways of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol throughout the summer, and testing the beacon technology with the help of customers.

The service is currently available for Android smartphones, and will be available for iOS phones in the near future.

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