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NEWS Last modified on October 1, 2014

Finavia collaborating with WDFG to develop Helsinki shopping experience

Finavia is collaborating with World Duty Free Group (WDFG) to develop the Helsinki Airport shopping experience.

Seven new boutique stores, numerous exclusive brands, and exciting ways of interacting with products will take the retail offering for passengers to the “next level” according to the airport operator.

Finavia linked up with WDFG earlier this year, and says the goal is to create the “best shopping experience for travellers in Northern Europe”, and the 15 million passengers travelling through Helsinki annually will soon have access to a wider variety of brands than ever before, while travellers will be able to experience brands and products in a completely new way.

Fernando Perez Peña, strategy and business development director for WDFG Europe, explains: “We are up-scaling the retail offer of Helsinki Airport, introducing a wider choice of products, including many that are travel exclusives, as well as various new brands.

“We will have four units dedicated to the traditional duty free categories of beauty and liquor, and will also open seven new, boutique-style specialist shops, with a focus on luxury and premium brands.

“These include Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Armani and Ferragamo, and a few other brands that are not available elsewhere in Finland.”

A lot has changed at the airport in the four months since the collaboration started, Perez Peña, explains: “In just four months, WDFG took the lead on four duty free shops that were previously in Finavia’s hands.

“The store staff are a great team of enthusiastic people with high expectations and enthusiasm about working for our group.


“It has been very easy to work with them, and everyone at Finavia has been extremely helpful throughout the process. The next step is to refurbish the existing duty free shopping areas.”

In the view of Perez Peña, the unique passengers at Helsinki make it interesting to WDFG, due to the increasing amount that are flying between Asia and Europe, and stores will branded Helsinki Duty Free, rather than World Duty Free.

WDFG will also introduce a new way of reaching out to customers, he promises in the near future, meaning passengers will see more inspirational events and exciting product launches at Helsinki Airport.

“We have a unique digital marketing concept called Contentainment: this involves using the latest in-store technology to help customers engage with brands in a unique and very interactive way.

“Vast floor to ceiling digital walls will display tailored audio and visual content, and are partnered with plenty of ‘expo’ space for staging in store events,” he explains.

Finavia says travellers can expect to experience a new kind of duty free shopping by the end of this year, when all new shops and brands are scheduled to be available.

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