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NEWS Last modified on October 2, 2014

Cambodia Airports and Dufry renew duty free partnership

Cambodia Airports and Dufry have renewed their partnership with a new contract running until 2020 for the operation of duty free outlets at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports.

Also, along with the terminals extensions at both platforms, additional retail space totaling 1,670 square metres will be allocated to Dufry, which is an increase of more than 100% of its current retail perimeter.

The airport operator says the expansion of the areas will be instrumental in deploying a walk-through concept that will "further enhance the shopping experience for passengers and airports users".

More space it explains also means a wider range of products offer including international brands for perfume, cosmetics and fashion accessories.

Emmanuel Menanteau, CEO of Cambodia Airports, comments: "Dufry puts forth a compelling concept that will enhance the retail experience of our passengers and strengthen the unique sense of place at our airports.

"We look forward to harnessing our co-operation and know-how built over 12 years and to taking the airports’ retail to the next level."


Julian Diaz, CEO of Dufry Group, says the Swiss travel retail firm was “very pleased” about the new agreement with Cambodia Airports: "The renewal and extension of retail space allow us to further develop the business in Cambodia.

“The operations in Cambodia are a significant part of our global portfolio and the close proximity to China provides a solid basis for success."

In 2013, 5.1 million passengers used the two Cambodian airports of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports, who between them provide nearly 500 flights per week.

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