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NEWS Last modified on October 2, 2014

Manchester Airport unveils six new Oshkosh fire vehicles

Manchester Airport’s Fire Service has unveiled six new state-of-the-art Oshkosh Global Striker vehicles, as part of a €5.36 million investment into the gateway's fire operations.

The vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to assist in making tackling fires safer, including forward looking infra-red cameras, high-reach extendable turrets, and more environmentally-friendly foam.

Each was built in and shipped from Wisconsin, in the US, over the last three months and firefighters at Manchester Airport have been training on them since July this year.

The sixth and final vehicle arrived in late September and all 84 firefighters based at the northern UK airport are now fully trained to use them.

Steve Metcalf, Manchester Airport’s chief fire officer & emergency services manager, explains: “The introduction of this fleet has presented us with the opportunity to introduce a new operational model incorporating a completely fresh approach, adopting revised tactics and techniques to enable us to create a safer environment for our passengers, operating crews and firefighters.

“These are exciting times for the Fire & Rescue Service at Manchester Airport as these new procedures, supported by our new vehicles, have modernised our operation.

“We’re investing in a safer future and it’s of the utmost importance to us as an airport that both our staff and passengers are in a safe environment at all times, and our investment in these vehicles underlines our commitment in this area.

“The Oshkosh Global Striker Vehicles are equipped with the latest technology which helps to make firefighter jobs safer and more efficient, protecting both them and our passengers in the event of a crisis situation, which while we hope never happens, we must be prepared for.”

Jim Johnson, Oshkosh president of fire and emergency, says the firm is “honoured” to provide the new vehicles.

“We worked very closely with the airport on this project to deliver the best appliances and service possible. It’s been fantastic to see the new vehicles in action and the firefighters here showcasing their new skills,” Johnson adds.

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