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NEWS Last modified on October 2, 2014

Eye-catching signs now welcoming passengers to Munich

Glowing ‘Super Signs’ are now welcoming passengers, visitors and staff along the western and eastern approaches to Munich Airport.

The eye-catching seven metre wide by seven metre tall signs use innovative LED technology, and are the same as the gateway’s familiar logo, and they are lighting up the arrival into one of Germany's main gateways.

The shining white M logo is complemented by a coloured diagonal line (the connector) that now greets visitors arriving from the west, which is synchronized with the three stand-alone connectors behind it.

They are spaced 47 metres apart, to cycle through the Munich Airport Group’s four colours: blue, violet, orange and green, while another ‘Super Sign’ is positioned along the eastern access road.

Each of the white elements contains 400 brightly glowing LEDs, and the connector is fitted with a tight array made up of 6,000 high-tech lights.

Already familiar in perimeter advertising panels in soccer stadiums, the innovative technology allows smooth transitions between the four colours at any time of the day or night.

The signs themselves are made of steel wrapped in enameled sheet metal and white fabric, creating an ideal backdrop for the lighting, and to minimize energy use, power consumption of the LEDs is calibrated during daylight and night hours to use only as much power as necessary.

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