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NEWS Last modified on October 3, 2014

Retail and F&B concessions revamp at Keflavik

Retail and F&B concessions in the departure lounge at Keflavik International Airport have been freshened up aimed at generating higher revenue and better service.

Isavia explains the changes will increase product range and ensure increased income, which will support future development at Iceland's principle gateway.

The operator says it assessed a number of factors in deciding on the selections including services, product range and various financial and operational factors, while the focus was of a sense of place feeling of Iceland.

A total of 13 proposals were selected, following a pre-qualification process based on these different factors.

The expanded product range in retail and F&B has seen six retail outlets and one F&B outlet selected to continue operations, while two new retailers and four F&B concessions have been added.

F&B services will be handled by Joe Iceland with a Joe and the Juice sandwich and juice bar, and Nord, in collaboration with Lagardère Services, and operations will continue of an Icelandic-themed over the counter restaurant, a Segafredo coffee shop and an Iceland-themed bar.

There will be fewer changes to the retail outlets with the shops 66°North, Blue Lagoon, Elko, Eymundsson, Optical Studio and the Iceland Gift Store (Rammagerðin) continuing.

A new store run by the Airport Retail Group selling international fashion clothing and Icelandic design clothes will open, along with a delicatessen operated by Nord and Lagardère Services.


Isavia also explains redevelopment of the departure hall includes extension of the area housing retail and F&B outlets meaning the airport will be primed to handle increasing passenger numbers expected over the next few years.

The changes will bring more jobs and increased revenue, which will support important future investments required at the airport, the operator adds, while construction work will begin in November and is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2015.

Bjorn Oli Hauksson, managing director of Isavia, explains: “We are extremely pleased with the results of the selection process. The goal was to increase revenue from commercial operation, open the market and encourage competition by using as transparent a process as possible in selecting operators.

“We also focused on ensuring visible connections with Iceland in the range of products and refreshments and think that we have achieved this goal.

“The income from this part of the commercial area will increase by 60%.The return on investment will be around two and a half years through increased revenue alone and we will be able to fund future projects.

“It’s also good to see how well Icelandic companies did in the international competition involved in the concession process and how competitive they are. Likewise, the great interest shown by very competitive international companies shows the attractiveness of operating at Keflavik International.”

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