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NEWS Last modified on October 6, 2014

Dufry announces integration structure after Nuance acquisition

The Dufry Group has announced its integration organizational structure after the conclusion of its acquisition of The Nuance group on September 9.

The Swiss travel retailer says the phase aims to combine Dufry and Nuance into a single organization, and will be in place until it is reviewed in the first quarter of 2015.

This revised organization it explains is based on the existing Dufry and Nuance organization and has been structured in order to avoid any business disruption during the integration phase.

The following appointments and organizational changes are effective as of October 1, 2014.

The current operations of Nuance in Europe, excluding Russia and France, will report as a separate unit under the leadership of Andrea Belardini, who will also maintain his responsibilities as global CCO of Nuance, and lead the integration project on behalf of Nuance as integration leader.

Dufry’s Region 1, EMEA & Asia, will integrate Nuance’s operations in Asia, India, Russia and France.

Alessandra Piovesana will lead Nuance’s and Dufry’s combined business in Asia, reporting to Region1 COO Xavier Rossinyol, and Philippe Boyer will continue to lead Nuance Australia.

The North American operations of Nuance will be integrated into Dufry’s Region 4, US & Canada.


Nicolas Girotto will continue as Nuance CFO, maintaining his existing team and responsibilities, and Elisa Crotti will continue as Nuance executive VP strategy and business development, with her existing team and responsibilities.

Francesco Cammarano will continue as executive VP IT Nuance, maintaining his existing team and responsibilities, and, Salvatore Aricó, will take over the role of Dufry global organization and HR director.

At the end of September, Roberto Graziani, president and CEO of The Nuance Group since 2004, and Richard Rendek, CEO of the North American business of Nuance since 2003, stepped down.

Julián Díaz, CEO of the Dufry Group, comments: “The integration of the Nuance and Dufry business, people and organizations will be the key focus for our company in the coming quarters.

“One of the first steps of this integration is to combine Nuance and Dufry into a single organization, ensuring that we continue to manage the business without disruption, and that we immediately perform as one company.”

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