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NEWS Last modified on October 6, 2014

Gatwick to hold UK roadshows to press runway case

Gatwick Airport has launched a series of regional roadshows at Chambers of Commerce throughout the UK, it says will outline why plans for a second runway would “offer a bigger economic boost and greater connections for businesses”.

Over the next six weeks, Gatwick teams will visit nine regions throughout England, Scotland and Wales to discuss the airports capacity debate and the key issues for UK businesses.

A second runway at Gatwick is among the options shortlisted by the Airports Commission for the UK’s next runway, which will publish a report at the end of 2014 and give recommendations after next May’s general election.

Gatwick will use the sessions with regional Chambers of Commerce to outline why it thinks expansion plans would deliver greater benefits and connectivity for UK businesses.

Gatwick CEO, Stewart Wingate, explains: “The airports debate is of national significance, affecting not just London but passengers and businesses the length and breadth of the UK.

“These roadshows are an invaluable chance to outline why expansion at Gatwick is the best choice for the whole of the UK, delivering more benefits and greater connections for British businesses.


“As the business community will know, driving competition is the best way to create more choice, better standards and lower prices.

“Only expansion at Gatwick could achieve this, creating greater competition among airports in London and the South East and helping other UK airports continue to compete and grow.”

The dates and locations for the events are:

  • Cornwall Chamber of Commerce - Thursday, October 2
  • Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise – Thursday, October 9
  • Liverpool Chamber of Commerce – Thursday, October 16
  • Hampshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Inverness Chamber of Commerce– Tuesday, November 4
  • Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce – Monday, November 10
  • North-East Chamber of Commerce
  • South Wales Chamber of Commerce – Wednesday, November 19
  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce – date to be confirmed

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