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NEWS Last modified on October 6, 2014

Heathrow launches helpers passenger service

Heathrow has launched a trial of what it says is the “next generation of passenger service” called the Heathrow Helpers.

The team of trained helpers will be on hand to assist with every traveller's demand at the world’s third busiest gateway.

These include handing out tissues to relatives waving off loved ones in the departure lounge, through to sharing the latest restaurant openings in key destinations.

Based throughout the airport, passengers will be able to identify the caring crew by their purple uniforms and tool belts.

Each tool belt will contain the necessary equipment to respond to the most popular passenger requests, including cuddly toys to keep young children happy and technology chargers for business travellers.

With a combined experience of 264 years assisting passengers, each helper has been selected to be part of the team based on their skillsets, from being tourism specialists to proficiency in sign language.


The dedicated team covers more than 38 languages between them, and the initiative has been implemented as Heathrow reveals the strangest passenger requests from the past 10 years are:

1 - Can I bungee jump from your control tower?

2 - I am heading to Tower Hill; can I try the Crown Jewels there?

3 - What’s the difference between a toilet and a loo?

4 - Are there ATM’s in central London? Can you mark them on my map?

5 - Where can I exchange currency for some Scottish dollars?

6 - Will most people speak English during my holiday in London?

7 - Where can I see James Bond’s house?

8 -Will I be able to see Beefeaters in the street?

9 - Can I drink the water here?

10 - Do I need to change the time on my watch or will it change automatically when I fly?

Heathrow is also set to launch a bespoke treatment - Heathrow Upgrade, to provide passengers with their very own Heathrow Helper for the duration of their journey, a porter to carry bags and even their very own buggy to transport them around the terminal.

Normand Boivin, chief operating officer at Heathrow, explains: “At Heathrow, we see a wide range of passengers travelling through the airport daily, and with this comes a variety of needs and demands that must be catered for.

That’s why our latest trial highlights Heathrow’s endeavour to provide a unique and bespoke service to everyone using the airport. Our Heathrow Helpers will be present all week, providing passengers with that extra special treatment.”

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