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NEWS Last modified on October 6, 2014

ONT Plane Pull raises money for charity

Ontario International Airport became the latest US gateway to stage a charity plane pull at the weekend, its event raising funds for a number of good causes.

Like last week’s event at Washington Dulles, the plane pull was a fun and competitive tug-of-war exercise that pitted teams of men and women against a 120,000lbs B727 aircraft. 

Each team of 20 had two attempts to pull the B727 a distance of 25 feet and received awards for Fastest Pull, Slowest Pull, Most Creative Team Name and Top Fundraising Team.

This year’s winners were the ‘So Cal UPSers’ – comprising members of the local United Parcel Service team – which managed to complete the job in an incredible 8.51 seconds.


Next fastest was PepsiCo On The Go (8.64 seconds) – a combined effort between PepsiCo and Frito-Lay – and the fearsomely named Niagaratron, in effect staff from the Niagara Bottling, LLC, which took 8.65 seconds.

Slowest out of the blocks was Team Everest, which found it had a mountain to climb during its second attempt, which took an energy sapping 17 minutes and seven seconds!

Beneficiaries of the day included the Ontario USO and other non-profit organisations such as the Friends of Ontario Airport, Travelers Aid of the Inland Empire, Baldy View ROP Foundation and ONT’s educational outreach programmes for disadvantaged students in the local area.



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