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NEWS Last modified on October 6, 2014

VINCI Airports to continue investing in Portugese airports

VINCI Airports is celebrating the first year of managing ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal which it says ended with a “positive operating balance”, and has announced further investment plans.

The airport operator explains it has registered 34 million passengers until August, which represents an increase of 9.4% in traffic in comparison to the homologous period.

But VINCI is not resting on its laurels, and says in order to increase the capacity and the supply quality, €275 million will be invested in Portugese gateways until 2018.

The operator explains in a news release: “The amount of investment intends to answer the operational needs of the Portuguese airports that, after the privatization, saw rising in six the number of airlines operating on a regular basis, with the creation of 73 new routes and destinations.

“Increase airports’ capacity and improve the passenger experience in all network are two of the main goals.”

VINCI also says at Lisbon Airport, there has been a relocation of the food court area, the enlargement of the duty free area, and the creation of new lounge areas.


The French airport operator continues: “Regulatory model imposed by the government before the privatization only allows airport rates to be increase at constant prices if there is traffic growth and forces the due reduction in case of loss.

“The rates on ANA airports have, however, been evolving in a balanced way and are, at the moment, in Lisbon, 22.2% below the average of the comparison airports group, namely Madrid, where the value is 78% above the rates applied at the Portuguese capital.

“With the goal of achieving a more rational and efficient management of the airports’ capacity, ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal is launching an incentive programme to airlines.

“This means airlines can minimise the impacts of the airport rate raises if they manage to be more efficient in the operation. The measure also aims to answer the demand increase at ANA airport network, assuring a sustainable response to the expected traffic increases.


“The concession contract with the government introduced a new paradigm in the exploration model that is potentiating the growth tendency of Portuguese airports, leading airports and airlines to work alongside in order to reach a healthy and sustainable air traffic growth. The results of the first year mirror that.”

For the future, VINCI says it will keep betting on ANA network as a key-asset for future operations, placing the company as a valuable standard-bearer, and capable of boosting the airport management leadership ambition.

The operator concludes that it is committed to Portugal, the development of ANA airports and, the economic development of the regions where they are situated.

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