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NEWS Last modified on October 7, 2014

New aircraft stand installed at Heathrow’s T3

Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport has welcomed a new multi aircraft ramp stand (MARS) featuring a fixed link to help meet the demands of the increased amount of A380s being handled.

The Pier 5 stand has been constructed at the world’s third busiest hub by VINCI Construction UK.

Work began on the €7.6 million contract in March 2013, and involved the upgrade and reconfiguration of another A340 Stand to expand the overall A380 capacity.

The contract also included the demolition of an existing single fixed link and construction of a new dual corridor fixed link, spanning and cantilevering over the airport’s stand roads.

This will allow the new Airbus A380 fleet to park and taxi off from the stand and offers flexibility for two smaller aircrafts to be sited at any time.

Carl Ainley, from Heathrow Airport Limited, comments: “Through an excellent collaborative approach with VINCI Construction UK’s project designers, supply chain, and client stakeholders, this project was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule.”

In order for the stand to accommodate larger aircraft and meet MARS safety standards, the project team were also required to install a diversion to the fire main, form a double width fixed link and three aircraft passenger boarding bridges (APBB).

Project manager, Chris Wall, adds: “Airports are upgrading their facilities in order to keep up with the demand for A380s, and we’re delighted to be able to use our expertise in order to facilitate these changes.”

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