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NEWS Last modified on October 8, 2014

DAA "disappointed" with Dublin Airport’s charges for 2015-2019

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) says it is "disappointed" with the Commission for Aviation Regulation’s final determination on Dublin Airport’s charges for 2015-2019, which was published yesterday.

DAA notes it had planned to keep airport charges flat over the next five years to stimulate passenger growth, while “prudently investing in key areas to facilitate that expansion, and further improve the passenger experience at Dublin Airport”.

Instead, it says CAR, the independent body that sets maximum charges at Dublin Airport, has opted for an unsustainable 19% reduction in airport charges over the next five years.

DAA adds that CAR’s final determination is merely a minor adjustment to its “flawed draft determination” issued earlier this year.

DAA chief executive, Kevin Toland, says: “Charges at Dublin Airport are already 22% lower than the average airport charge at our European peers and a further 19% reduction, as suggested by the regulator, is unwarranted.

“The aviation regulator has refused to sanction more than €100 million worth of necessary improvements that would maximise the growth opportunities at Dublin Airport, upgrade the passenger experience in the older parts of the airport, and deliver the most efficient use of the airfield in a safe and secure manner.”

DAA will now study CAR’s 142-page final report in detail and assess the potential impact of CAR’s proposed new pricing structure on the operation of Dublin Airport over the next five years.

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