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NEWS Last modified on October 8, 2014

Airports ready to play their part in Italy’s economic recovery

ACI Europe met last week with Italian Transport Minister, Maurizio Lupi, and the Italian airport association Assaeroporti, to discuss a range of key aviation issues.

The objective it says was to discuss the work programme of the Italian Presidency of the EU for the aviation sector and address a number of regulatory issues threatening the development of Italian airports, and their contribution to Italy’s economic recovery.

ACI Europe says it praised the Italian government for its efforts to progress on the implementation of the Single European Sky and also gave it supports over its intention to press ahead with the revision of EU passenger rights legislation and slot regulation.

This it explains is in spite of the impasse created by the disagreement between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar.

Looking at how Italian airports have significantly outperformed economic activity in Italy, ACI Europe stressed the key role they are playing in supporting economic recovery, through the essential connectivity they provide to Italian cities and regional communities.

ACI Europe also called on Minister Lupi to further progress on addressing a number of pending regulatory issues that are still holding back airport development in Italy.

ciampanoRome Ciampano Airport

Olivier Jankovec, director general of ACI Europe, explains: “The Italian government is committed to reforming the country to spur economic growth and there is no doubt that airports are a vital part of this agenda.

“This means urgently clarifying the procedure for the approval of airport charges so as to provide much needed legal certainty, and finally allow Italian airports to take a longer-term view of their development.”

He adds this also involves allowing Italian airports to enforce minimum quality standards for ground handling - so that they can make a difference in improving the passenger experience and their own competitive position.

Jankovec concludes: “Finally, this also means doing away with the old habit of restricting market access for certain airlines.

“The Italian economy has much to gain from liberalising third, fourth and fifth freedom air rights, as this allows for more choice and competitive prices for passengers and businesses.”

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