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NEWS Last modified on October 9, 2014

ADV re-elects Dr Michael Kerkloh as its president

The German Airports Association (ADV) has unanimously re-elected president and CEO of Munich Airport Dr Michael Kerkloh as its president for the next two years.

At their annual conference in Brussels, the top executives from Germany's airports gave him a further term of office.

Dr Kerkloh has headed up Munich Airport for the past 12 years, and since January 2013 has been president of ADV where he has acted as a committed and successful advocate of the industry.

"A country with the level of economic integration of Germany depends on a powerful and efficient aviation infrastructure. That's why boosting the competitiveness of our air transportation industry is vital to Germany's economy and employment.

“Another key task in the future will be the harmonization of the mobility needs of the general public and the business community with the very real concerns of climate protection and the environment.

“I will remain committed to those goals in the future, both as the head of Munich Airport and as president of the ADV,” Dr Kerkloh explains after his re-election.

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