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NEWS Last modified on October 9, 2014

Stockholm Arlanda to welcome fashion giant Michael Kors

Stockholm Arlanda Airport will welcome fashion giant Michael Kors on December 1 as part of Swedavia's ambition to offer travellers a more luxurious range at the gateway.

The American designer retail brand will open a new store in Terminal 5, selling bags, watches, jewelry and accessories, its second outlet in the country.

As the number of passengers at Stockholm Arlanda increases steadily with the numbers last year reaching more than 20 million, Swedavia explains there is an increasing demand for new shops and premium brands.

Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda, says: “We know that many of our travellers like to come earlier to the airport to shop, eat and soak up the atmosphere.

“Opening the Michael Kors store is well in line with our commitment to providing our travelers strong brands and a good experience when they travel from the airport.”

Last year, Stockholm Arlanda opened and updated over 40 new shops and restaurants at Sweden’s principle hub.

Among them was a boost to Terminal 5 in order to meet the demand for more powerful international brands, while earlier start-ups have been Lexington and Victoria's Secret and Haute Parfumerie.

The Michael Kors store has been brought by airport developer LFV, and its president of commercial service, Magnus Ros, says it is in response to an investigation revealing that 36% of passengers are at airports more than two hours ahead of flights.

“For many travellers, shopping is an important part of the journey, and the journey begins as we know already at the airport,” Ros adds.

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