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NEWS Last modified on October 13, 2014

Turkish ground handler opens 24 hour customer helpline

Havaş, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, has become the first ground handler in Turkey to establish a 24 hour customer call centre to help passengers with issues such as finding lost luggage and airport transfer services.

It claims that the new service is in response to feedback from passengers who want around-the-clock service.

Havaş' general manager, Nurzat Erkal, insists that the move is in line with the company's mission to become one of the world's best ground handlers.


"We are happy to achieve a first in the sector and will continue working hard in order to provide the best travel experience to our passengers," he says.

Havaş currently provides airline ground handling services at 25 airports in Turkey and airport-city centre transfers at 18 cities.



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