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NEWS Last modified on October 13, 2014

Chicago air service back up to speed

Air traffic operations have been successfully restored in Chicago following an arson attack that ripped through a radar centre on September 26, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reported.

The facility is located in Aurora, Colorado, and the centre’s control tower covers both of Chicago’s principle gateways, Midway and O’Hare airports, recently named as the busiest for aircraft movements in the world.

A statement from the FAA explains that the agency successfully maintained high traffic volumes to and from both airports.

FAA technical teams have reportedly now restored all of the centre’s critical systems and equipment, and air traffic controllers resumed control of the centre's airspace from adjoining centers early this morning.

A number of airlines cancelled, delayed and re-routed flights in the days following the fire, with Chicago controllers gradually gearing back up to accommodate typical air traffic capacity, and US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, comments: “We appreciate the enduring patience of all travellers who were inconvenienced when Chicago centre was disabled.”

The FAA has also stated that it will be conducting a 30-day review of contingency plans and security protocols for all of its major facilities after the fire.

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