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NEWS Last modified on October 14, 2014

Regus Express business lounge opens at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport has announced the opening of Regus Express - the new drop-in workplace for mobile and flexible workers, which is situated within a short walk of the check-in and arrivals area.

The lounge by global workspace provider Regus, features a professional business lounge and a suite of high-end meeting rooms offering instant, fully-equipped workspace from as little as £8 (€10).

It has been designed for business travellers as a professional haven away from noisy concourses, and for business people seeking a convenient location to hold meetings.

Regus Express customers also have access to dedicated parking spaces and it features workstations (ThinkPods), comfy seating with laptop stands, secure Wi-Fi, printers and scanners, as well as complimentary refreshments and administrative support.

Richard Gill, Birmingham Airport’s head of commercial, explains: “The arrival of this new state-of-the-art business lounge, delivered by Regus, is great news for the millions of business passengers who pass through the terminal each year.

“Now passengers flying to and from Birmingham can continue their working day without disruption, with the added advantage of discounted on-site parking for users of the facility.


“We’re confident the Regus Express lounge will prove to be extremely popular within the region’s business community and demonstrates our commitment to providing passengers with the facilities they need.”

Regus are set to extend the network of Regus Express locations across UK airports, according to Phil Kemp, global head of Third Place at Regus.

“Most workforces are far more agile and mobile than they were a few years back, but there is a growing need for professional work and meeting space on the go.

“Regus Express offers business people a productive alternative to working in noisy public areas.  We also expect the location to become a popular venue for local and national businesses to hold meetings with contacts who are flying in or out of the airport,” Kemp adds.


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