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NEWS Last modified on October 14, 2014

Retailer and F&B awards handed out at Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Marketplace Food & Shops at Philadelphia International Airport has announced Chickie’s & Pete’s in Terminal A West, and Fire & Ice in Terminal F, as its Restaurant and Retailer of the Quarter respectively for Q1 in 2014-2015.

The marketplace’s programme Excellence Drives Great Experiences was designed to motivate and reward merchants, and each firm can earn Edge points through great customer service and participation in marketing programmes.

At the end of each quarter, the F&B and retail merchants with the most points are named ‘Merchant of the Quarter’.

Chickie’s & Pete’s is a Philadelphia favorite, serving its renowned crab fries and signature seafood dishes, and was named the No.1 sports bar in America by ESPN and offers additional locations at the gateway’s in Concourses C, D and E.

Fire & Ice offers a variety of unique fine jewelry in silver, gold and gemstones, as well as fossils and one-of-a-kind art glass from around the world, and travellers can also shop at a store in the B/C Connector location.

Anna DiGregorio, director of marketing for the Philadelphia Marketplace Food & Shops, explains: “We are proud to recognize the hard work of the employees at Chickie’s & Pete’s and Fire & Ice.

“Thank you to our teams for always providing customers with exceptional service.”

The Philadelphia Marketplace at Philadelphia International line-up features more than 170 retail and dining locations.

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