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NEWS Last modified on October 15, 2014

Work on International Terminal at Calgary well underway

Development work on the International Terminal at Calgary International Airport (YYC) is gathering pace.

The state-of-the-art facility will more than double the size of the existing terminal building and incorporate a number of connection processes, which the gateway says will "elevate the passenger experience".

The project, in conjunction with the recent completion of the nation’s longest runway, will further position YYC and its airport partners for future growth.

Key developments in the programme include: all major structural steel being installed; 590km of radiant tubing installed (95% of the total 620km); granite flooring installation is ongoing with 56% completed; 57% of the wood ceiling paneling has been installed; 83% of the new baggage handling equipment has been installed, and 6.9 million person hours have so far been spent on the project.


The authority introduced a number of additional elements that are being incorporated into the Airport Development Program.

The first is new connection processes to create a "seamless experience" for travellers, which will allow passengers to connect easily from international, trans-border and domestic, while remaining post-security and without having to pick up and recheck their bags.

The authority is also constructing a secure airside corridor to move passengers quickly between the existing concourses and the new International Terminal.

In addition to moving walkways, passengers will have access to a new Compact Transit System (CTS), which can carry up to 10 passengers at a time, designated to move passengers quickly and efficiently from each concourse.


Garth Atkinson, president and CEO for the Calgary Airport Authority, explains: “Working with regulators and airlines, we are able to integrate new processes for the 30% of travellers that use YYC as their connecting airport.

“These new processes will allow our passengers to easily transit to all destinations that are available from Calgary International Airport. Additionally, the unique Compact Transit System supports our business strategy to grow YYC as an airline hub.

“All of these new elements have been put in place to further enhance the passenger experience at YYC.”

The authority’s definition of success is to ensure the new International Terminal operations are seamless on day one, and the construction schedule continues to move forward with a planned completion date of the autumn in 2015, with testing and commissioning of the new facility taking place in 2016.

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