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NEWS Last modified on October 16, 2014

Dubai Airports introduces a new mobile app

Dubai Airports has introduced a new mobile app available in English and Arabic that puts all the information passengers need to navigate Dubai International and Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central (DWC).

The design of the Dubai Airports App provides bespoke information for passengers’ individual journeys, and is designed to reflect their journey through the airport.

Among the more innovative features is a comprehensive find your flight function, which allows users to enter their flight number to receive a wealth of customised detail to ease their travel and enhance their airport experience.

Passengers can also elect to receive updates on their particular flights, including gate changes or boarding times, helping them better plan the time spent in the airport.

Other useful features include Flight Radar 24, a flight tracking service; and 3-D airport maps that can be used to pinpoint all services, F&B and retail areas at both airports.

The ‘Before you fly’ section shares the vital travel information any and every passenger will need prior to travelling to or through Dubai, from visa information to baggage regulations, all passengers can plan their trip here.

‘While you are here’  details the shopping, dining and wider lifestyle services that visitors can expect when arriving at both airports including unexpected features such as  Zen Gardens, Dubai International Hotel’s swimming pool and Snoozecubes.

Additional features are expected to be added in the coming months including making it possible for passengers to receive timely information and commercial offers relevant to their journey and location in the airport.

The app is part of a growing portfolio of digital products at both Dubai International and DWC designed to help passengers quickly find their way through the airport and provide more time to enjoy the broad range of services, including http://www.dubaiairports.ae/  the airport's new website.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, explains: "Our passengers are increasingly engaging with us online, demanding immediate information on our airports. The Dubai Airports App allows us to provide that information in real-time, tailored to each passenger’s particular journey through our airport.

“It is just another way in which we are leveraging technology to create a passenger experience that is efficient and welcoming.”

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