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NEWS Last modified on October 17, 2014

Hamburg launches new self-service infrastructure

Hamburg Airport has launches new self-service infrastructure launched in co-operation with IT specialist Materna GmbH, which gives passengers the choice to check-in and drop-off baggage at kiosks.

Travellers can now print their boarding passes and drop off their baggage at check-in and baggage drop kiosks, which the German gateway says will save a lot of time.

The new facilities have been installed in Terminal 1 and can currently be used by passengers for Lufthansa and easyJet.

Other airlines will be included over time, and the principle of check-in and baggage drop kiosks being part of the airport infrastructure and available for the use of passengers of various airlines, which Hamburg says is a “world first”.

Running parallel to the kiosks, passengers can still check in and drop their baggage at the counter as normal.

The system has been created which optimises check-in procedures with maximum levels of comfort whilst fulfilling the highest security requirements and aesthetically blending in with the design of the check-in area.

Thomas Lueders, project leader for terminal management at Hamburg Airport, explains: “This enables us to offer our passengers better service thanks to reduced waiting times, shorter walking distances, and ease of orientation.

“We are now entering the next phase optimistically, expanding the self-service infrastructure.”

The airport says with around 13.5 million passengers per year and rising, it is now Hamburg is Germany’s fifth-largest airport, and in order to meet increasing demands and maintain a high level of service, capacity of the check-in infrastructure and facilities had to be optimised and revamped.

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