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NEWS Last modified on October 17, 2014

New airport to be built in Porto Alegre Brazil

Brazil’s Secretary of Civil Aviation (SAC) will next year auction the rights for construction and management of a new airport for Porto Alegre, which is expected to cost $505 million.

The gateway is in the capital of the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, and the SAC explains the new gateway is needed due to increasing pressure on Porto Alegre’s Salgado Filho International Airport, which is nearing its capacity of 15.3 million passengers a year.

Salgado Filho is situated in a built-up part of the city with a population of 1.5 million, and has no room to expand its existing runway, or to add a second runway.

The new airport will be built in a 21sq km area at Portão, 50km from central Porto Alegre,will have will have two 3,200m by 45m runways, an international cargo terminal and an international passenger terminal.

The capacity will be for 40 million passengers a year, and construction is expected to take five to eight years.

An SAC statement as part of a federal government release reads: “According to the secretary’s analysis, the most suitable form of providing the financial requirements for the airport will be to adopt the model of private concession.”

Local reports in Brazil quote the Minister of Civil Aviation, Wellington Moreira Franco, as explaining the project will be allocated by auction in 2015.

The release adds that SAC and the government of Rio Grande do Sul will now embark on studies to assess the economic, financial, technical and environmental feasibility of development.

The state government aims to award a contract for the feasibility studies of the development by December 2014.

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