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NEWS Last modified on October 17, 2014

Amsterdam now offering passengers electrically-powered taxis

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are now offering passengers a new environmentally-friendly transportation service - electrically powered taxis which are operated by BBF Schipholtaxi or BIOS-groep.

The two companies are to jointly provide vehicles as part of a sizeable fleet of 167 Tesla Model S taxis.

Schiphol says it is the only airport in the world to offer a comparable service, and no other gateway has a fleet of sustainable taxis this size, and they will provide a “significant boost to sustainable mobility” at the European hub.

The zero-emission cabs will be serving Schiphol for a period of at least four years, with an optional extension of up to eight years.

Jos Nijhuis, Schiphol Group's president and CEO, explains: “The new fleet of 100% electrically-powered Teslas allows passengers to continue their journey from Schiphol in total comfort.

“At Schiphol, high-quality transport and an environmental conscience go hand-in-hand. This represents a crucial step in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and become one of the world's three most sustainable airports.”

The initiative is part of investment in reducing carbon emissions by the Schiphol Group to ensure it has a sustainable future.

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