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NEWS Last modified on October 20, 2014

Avinor to make biggest ever change to Norway airspace

Avinor is to implement the largest change in airspace organization ever undergone in Norway on November 13.

The operator says changes are done in order to prepare for growth in air traffic, increase safety, make operations more efficient and reduce the environmental footprints.

They are being developed in dialogue with the airlines and affect 16 airports, including the key gateways of Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim.

Avinor explains that implementation will cause delays, while also leading to delays at other airports in Norway, and changes will be implemented in the early hours of the night on November 13.

The ATFM regulation (reduced number of arrivals per hour at the largest airports) will be enforced immediately after the implementation in order to ensure flight safety while making sure that the new system is working as expected, it says.

Restrictions will be highest immediately after the implementation, Avinor notes, with the largest delays expected in the morning hours of November 13, but will gradually be lifted, until normal operations are resumed.

The airport operator is working closely with the airlines to reduce consequences as much as possible for travellers, and adds that helicopter traffic for the Norwegian continental shelf will also be affected.

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