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NEWS Last modified on October 21, 2014

Online luggage and travel service launched at Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is now offering passengers a new web-based facility which is aiming to make journey's smoother, and enables travellers to buy a range of travel essentials and book baggage services.

A new portal from Excess Baggage Company brings together a range of offers in one location, allowing them to purchase luggage and travel essentials in advance of their travel and book services such as left luggage, bag wrap and bag shipping in advance.

Jean-Marie Lavillard, Heathrow’s retail manager, says: “The launch of Excess Baggage Company’s online booking facility is a great example of how Heathrow’s retailers can deliver a great passenger experience through the digital innovation.”

David Elliott, managing director of Excess Baggage Company, explains the new portal will offer passengers considerable “peace of mind”.

He adds: “They will be able to shop ahead online for home delivery of travel goods they need, or reserve and collect as they travel through the airport, and pre-book airport services such as left luggage/baggage storage in advance of their trip.

“They can also access our baggage shipping service, that allows them to have their bags collected from their home or hotel and delivered to their destination at one easy-to-book online location.”

The portal can be found at http://excess-baggage.heathrow.com or the firm can be found at services the firm operates inside terminals at the world's third busiest airport.

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