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NEWS Last modified on October 22, 2014

Miami launches 110-inch video wall display

Miami International Airport has launched WAYPOINT - a 110-inch video wall display in the South Terminal featuring documentary films about artists creating their work and video art by established and emerging artists.

The exhibition’s first two programmes premiered this autum, and were produced by WAYPOINT co-developers and contemporary art filmmakers Wet Heat Project.

Miami Artists at Work features renowned South Florida artists who were all filmed while working in their studios during impromptu visits sometime between 2008 and 2011.

The second project, Making Their Mark, features two short films that detail the pain-staking work of New World School of the Arts college students to produce large-scale public art projects.

Jose Felix Perez created the five-story painting “Grew Into This” now on display in Miami law firm Greenberg Traurig’s downtown offices, and “Timescapes,” by Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo and Jeffrey Noble, is the glass mosaic and freehand paint mural that transformed an entire exterior stairwell of Miami Beach’s iconic Sagamore Hotel.

Yolanda Sánchez, Miami-Dade aviation department fine arts and cultural affairs division director, says: “WAYPOINT adds an exciting new dimension to our fine arts programme by giving travellers a glimpse into how artists create work.

“It’s like an open window into the making of contemporary art, and future programs will feature site-specific video artwork.”

The gallery is located near MIA’s Gate J-7 and is presented by MDAD's fine arts & cultural affairs division.

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