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NEWS Last modified on October 22, 2014

San Antonio introduces two Digital Library kiosks

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) has introduced a new innovation in the form of two Digital Library kiosks for airport customers.

The kiosks are part of a partnership between the San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) and SAT, and will give passengers access to the library’s catalogue of digital downloads via the touch-screen kiosks located in each of the gateway’s two terminals.

The kiosk software is provided through Overdrive, the digital distributor of books and other content, which serves as the gateway to the library’s extensive digital library.

Additionally, the kiosks provide rapid recharge stations for customer smart phones and personal electronic devices, while SAPL cardholders visiting the Digital Library kiosks will also be able to quickly access the library’s entire digital collection via the 55-inch interactive screens.

For airport visitors from out-of-town or for those who do not yet have a San Antonio public library card, SAT’s kiosks offers the library’s first-ever temporary library card, available from OverDrive.

The airport, explains: “Funded by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library, this partnership reflects the airport’s extraordinary focus on customer service and convenience for its passengers.”

It adds it is a reflection of the commitment that won SAT first place in “The Best Improvements by Region in North America” category of the 2013 Airport Service Quality Awards given out by the Airports Council International.

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