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NEWS Last modified on October 29, 2014

Customer satisfaction levels on the rise at Miami International Airport

Satisfaction levels at Miami International Airport are up across the board, according to the findings of the airport’s annual customer service survey.

This is the seventh consecutive year that MIA has engaged Chicago-based Unison Consulting to perform the study, and the global gateway earned all-time high scores in two of three key metrics in 2014 while making a substantial year-over-year improvement in the third performance measurement.

Unison interviewed nearly 5,000 airport visitors over a six-day period in May, gauging satisfaction among three key customer groups: departing passengers; international arrivals; and meeters/greeters.

Customer satisfaction levels made their largest gains in the international arrivals category, an area that has faced significant challenges in recent years.

MIA believes that the increasingly positive feedback from those arriving in Miami from abroad is an affirmation that the airport’s multi-million dollar investment in automated passport scanning technology and additional customer service staff in the Customs and Immigration areas is making an impact.

Departing passengers and meeters/greeters also expressed growing satisfaction with MIA’s customer service efforts, earning the airport its highest overall marks in the seven-year history of the survey.

Customer satisfaction levels in several key subcategories within these two groups – including food and beverage options, retail choices, getting to MIA and getting around MIA – were also up year-over-year.

“MIA operates in a highly competitive business environment, so providing personalised, top-notch customer service is one of the most important ways that we can set ourselves apart from our competitors,” saya Miami-Dade Aviation Department Director Emilio González.

“Having a third party like Unison provide a comprehensive assessment of where we’re succeeding and where we need to up our game is invaluable as we work to improve the customer experience at our airport.”

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