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NEWS Last modified on November 11, 2014

Denver selects artists to create pieces for Hotel and Transit Center

Denver International Airport has selected artists Ned Kahn, Patrick Marold and Yann Kersalé to create three distinctive public art pieces for DIA’s Hotel and Transit Center Program.

All three masterpieces will be complete for public viewing when the new facility opens in late 2015.

Denver’s Public Art Ordinance directs 1% construction dollars on projects over $1 million be set aside for artwork to be integrated into the site.

This Spring, DIA’s Art and Culture Program will also announce several permanent works for the interior public spaces of the new Westin Denver International Airport Hotel.

Airport CEO, Kim Day, explains: “The art for the new Hotel and Transit Center will enhance three main public areas: the train arrival area, the escalator that ascends from the train hall to the plaza, and the plaza itself.

“All pieces have aspects that reflect the region, which will enhance the "sense of place" at the airport, while adding a bit of joy and serenity to the traveling experience."


The public art budget for the new Hotel and Transit Center is approximately $5 million for exterior and interior projects thanks to Denver’s Percent for Art Program requirement for public facilities.

‘Air Field’ by Ned Kahn will be installed in the exterior plaza between Jeppesen Terminal and the Westin Denver International Airport Hotel, as part of a $2 million commission to create a large wind-activated sculptural installation.

‘Shadow Array’ by Patrick Marold will be located in the train platform exterior, as part of $1.5 million commission to create a large-scale installation to enhance the expansive landscape area around the public transit station, and consists of approximately 250 beetle-kill spruce logs from southern Colorado.

‘Water in all of its states’ by Yann Kersalé will be put up in the canopies and escalators as part of a $1 million commission to provide a lighting design for the train and Level 5 canopies, and will include a unique video-based art installation for the escalator connecting the Public Transit Center to the Level 5 plaza.

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