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NEWS Last modified on November 13, 2014

Traffic growth at Glasgow and Edinburgh continues

Glasgow Airport has reported another month of growth after 734,000 passengers travelled through its doors in October, an increase of 2.7% compared to the same period last year.

It was the 21st consecutive month that traffic has risen and it is the busiest October in six years.

International and domestic traffic grew by 2.8% and 2.7% respectively during a month in, which the airport made a series of new route announcements.

Managing director, Amanda McMillan, says: “We have secured over 20 new routes and services in 2014 and have invested more than £20 million in refurbishing large parts of the terminal building.

“During this time we have continued to welcome an increasing number of passengers through our doors and it was extremely pleasing to record what was our 21st consecutive month of growth.”


Meanwhile at Edinburgh Airport, more than six million travellers passed through Scotland’s busiest gateway between May and the end of October with traffic reaching 6,004,557, and is on track for a record-breaking year.

This was over 140,000 travellers above the same period in 2013, and it was driven by the increase in airlines and the summer of events that have taken place in Scotland.

The figure came despite passenger numbers remaining static in October, compared to the same month in 2013.

A total of 915,985 travellers used Edinburgh, a decrease of 0.2%, partly due to the 2.5% drop in international passengers, but domestic numbers rose by 2.4% to 438,709.

Edinburgh says long-haul services continue to perform with Philadelphia, Chicago and Toronto all operating flights into the first half of October.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive of Edinburgh Airport, says: “We are still on a high from a fantastic summer and we’re please with our performance in October.

“Our moving average total is still comfortable over the 10 million mark for this point in the year, and our goal is to maintain this for the calendar year.”

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