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NEWS Last modified on November 14, 2014

San Diego awards construction contracts for Rental Car Center

As construction of San Diego International Airport Rental Car Center nears its halfway mark, local businesses have been awarded construction contracts totaling $155 million (€124 million) while small businesses have won a total of $60 million (€48 million).

To help achieve these numbers, airport staff hosted a briefing session for San Diego’s local and small business community about the opportunities on the $316 million (€253 million) project.

The gateway has tailored bid opportunities and package sizes in order to encourage and help facilitate local and small business participation.

Thella F. Bowens, president and CEO of San Diego International Airport, explains: “We are pleased that a large percentage of the Rental Car Center work has been awarded to local and small businesses.

“The airport places a high value on inclusion and works hard to make sure that our contracting opportunities allow local and small businesses to be competitive.”

The small business outreach programme has played a major role in other airport initiatives in recent years.

During construction of The Green Build, the largest improvement project in the airport’s history, more than $415 million (€333 million) in contracts were awarded to local businesses, with $118 million (€94 million) going to small businesses.

More opportunities to work with the airport are available as construction continues on North Side Development projects and the next phase of master planning at San Diego.

The Airport Development Plan includes the future of Terminal 1 and the redevelopment of the former Teledyne-Ryan property.

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