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NEWS Last modified on November 14, 2014

SITA revamps global network service offer for airlines and airports

SITA is transforming its global network and communication services to offer airlines and airports more value and greater capacity to meet their changing business needs.

The air transport communications specialist says the development of the hybrid airline business model, the entry into service of e-enabled aircraft, the adoption of cloud-based solutions and the growing need for flexible on-demand services at airports are some of the major air transport industry trends calling for a new generation of global network services.

Working with Orange Business Services (OBS), and with five regional service providers, as well as expanding its communications capabilities at airports, SITA has strengthened the reach; focus on operational excellence and relevance of its network services for the air transport industry.

Francesco Violante, CEO, SITA, says: “Our announcement today marks a significant milestone for both SITA and the air transport industry. Airlines and other industry players operate on a worldwide scale, and have specific communication needs, especially at airports.

“It is this challenge of operating efficiently globally, regionally and at the airport that SITA’s new network offering is designed to meet. Together with our strategic partner OBS we are providing a single global service for network management, integration and support.

“Our new contract and our multi-supplier approach using key regional providers combined with SITA’s specialist experience and presence at 435 airports will provide unique and cost-effective capabilities wherever airlines fly.”

As part of the new connectivity offering, SITA has signed a five-year agreement with OBS, to provide network services in countries and territories worldwide.

SITA will provide network services in additional locations directly and will also integrate and manage key regional providers in order to strengthen its global coverage.

In addition, SITA is launching seasonal network services at airports, enabling airlines to test new routes, or operate seasonal destinations more cost effectively.

This flexible global connectivity will provide airlines with reduced connection lead times, connectivity on demand and improved application performance through the network.

It will also allow SITA to better cater to the various business models of low cost airlines, hybrids and full service carriers.

SITA and OBS will operate a new SITA Network Services Delivery and Operations Center that will operate 24/7 to deliver, integrate, manage and support all of SITA’s network services globally, which will be operational by the end of 2014.

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