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NEWS Last modified on November 14, 2014

Modernised Pier West opens at Vienna

Vienna Airport has opened a modernised Pier West, which features newly designed C-Gates, and a stylish departure area for airberlin/NIKI with a culinary offering from DO & CO.

Pier West and the C-Gates were newly designed and feature a new gastronomical concept by DO & CO, and the terminal area was officially opened today.

Flughafen Wien management board members, Julian Jäger, explains: “The modernization of Pier West was one of the most important projects within the context our quality strategy, and the results are what we wanted.

“Effective immediately passengers will experience a continuous, spacious gate area, a high quality culinary offering and a brighter, more pleasant overall atmosphere in the terminal.

“This project will serve as a benchmark for future modernization projects focusing on the terminal infrastructure of the airport hub.”

Attila Dogudan, CEO of DO & CO, explains: “We are very pleased with the intensification of our co-operation with Vienna Airport based on a shared understanding of quality, innovation and individual service.”

Christian Lesjak, NIKI Managing Director of NIKI, says: “The renovated Pier West enables our passengers to experience a product on the ground which sets new standards, whether for culinary entertainment, shopping possibilities and the clear arrangement.

“The time spent at Vienna Airport is already part of the travel experience, which has no need to fear any international comparison. As a result, NIKI and Vienna Airport will become an even more convincing transfer hub of the airberlin group.”

Bright and spacious

Renovation work was carried out on a terminal area of over 9,500 square metres, with floors, walls, ceiling, lighting and furnishings all newly designed.

The partition walls in the 3,200 square metre area of the C-Gates were removed, and a more open, continuous waiting area for passengers was created.

Seats equipped with power outlets and USB connections enabling mobile phones or laptops to be charged ensure greater comfort along with unlimited cost-free WLAN.

More than 17,000 passengers are handled each day at Pier West, flying with up to 140 aircraft from 15 airlines, mainly from airberlin and NIKI, the second largest airline group at Vienna Airport.



Great emphasis was placed on ensuring a new and high quality culinary offering, and a new restaurant area of about 800 square metres was created by DO & CO.

Passengers now experience a truly high quality culinary offering featuring the brands Demel, Henry, the American diner Big Daddy and a separate children’s adventure area.

Guests can enjoy an extensive offering ranging from traditional Viennese coffee house culture with original Viennese schnitzel made of veal, pastries as well as a large choice of cakes, fresh salads and high quality burgers to cold and hot sandwiches.

The new DO & CO Bar is centrally located, and offers an extravagantly designed bar with a large offering of wines, beer and cocktails for a relaxed stay until departure.

The spacious shopping plaza with over 20 shops located in front of Pier West, while the number of retail outlets at the gates have also been expanded.

The enlarged Manner Store and the new Flavors of Austria Shop give travellers a large selection of sweets, traditional specialties and a sales corner of the cult brand PEZ to choose from.

Well-known fashion brands are featured in the Welcome Fashion Shop with a size of 126 square metres, such as Flug zeug, Capo, Codello, Vilebrequin, Jockey International, lolaandgrace, LU.ST and OLYMP.

The Pop-Up Shop Eleonto Electronics is also new and has a large selection of electronics products.

In addition to the comprehensive duty free offering from Gebr. Heinemann, the International Bookstore has a large selection of magazines, books and newspapers.

The shopping offering is rounded off by souvenir shop Senses of Austria, Geox and the German fashion and accessories brands Roeckl and Falke.

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